About the Family Behind Vital Supplements

Posted on July 19 2020

About the Family Behind Vital Supplements

Hi, my name is Sara. I co-own Vital Supplements with my husband, Dan. We've known each other for over 20 years and have been married for 15 years. We have two incredible daughters who are 10 and 6 years old. 

I struggle with being vulnerable. Many mercury poisoned people can probably relate to that for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's because we've been honest and vulnerable many times and get undesirable reactions from people. Many times when I've shared something vulnerable about my health struggles, I've been ignored or received a response of unbelief, or it makes the person uncomfortable. Receiving those responses from others didn't bother me much at first. However, after years of it happening, it changed me, and now I am working on breaking down the walls I've built up. It may be slow progress, but I am thankful that chelating is helping me heal physically and emotionally. The road has its twists and turns, and there are the low points, especially when redistribution hits hard or I have an accidental run-in with cilantro. Despite the bad days, when I feel like I need to hide from everyone, improvement is improvement no matter how I choose to look at it.

In the spirit of being vulnerable, I wanted to share more about our family, the ones behind Vital Supplements. My husband and I met in Oregon when we were Sophomores in high school and dated until Senior year. We separated for a couple of years, and he joined the Army. We still talked and wrote letters on occasion through his basic training and first duty station, then he called me one day out of the blue, from South Korea, and asked me to marry him. I always knew he was the one for me, so there was no hesitation. After we got married, he had to go back to South Korea for a while, and I had the exciting opportunity to visit South Korea for two weeks at the end of his tour. We got to explore Seoul, and he took me to the spot on base where he was standing when he called and asked me that life-changing question. After that, we moved to his next duty station in Texas, and about a year later, he received orders to deploy to Iraq. 

During his deployment, he sustained traumatic brain injuries and hearing damage, among other things. He has struggled and worked hard to overcome many obstacles, and he's done an amazing job; I'm incredibly proud of him. We've experienced a lot of life since then, and despite the ups and downs that life brings, I'm blessed to have a partner who is understanding and supportive through the most challenging of times. My husband didn't start out supportive of ACC and was skeptical of it at first. I can't say I blame him as he watched me try several things to help my symptoms with no improvement. As he learned and understood more about ACC, he was on board. Many of you out there may be chelating on your own, without the support of a loved one, and that must be very hard. I pray for those of you in that position. 

Another interesting thing about our family is that we are getting ready to start our third year of homeschooling. I never planned on being a homeschooling Mom. I had many reservations about it at first, primarily due to my health struggles and inexperience. We decided to sell our house and move eight hours away to Idaho, and started homeschooling at the same time. I was in the thick of dealing with some of my worst mercury poisoning symptoms, and it was a rough time, but it's been worth it. It's been an enormous change for our family that's brought challenges, tremendous growth, and unexpected blessings. One neat benefit of owning Vital Supplements while homeschooling is the ability to give our girls first-hand exposure to running a small business and the dedication it takes to start a business. I hope it helps them know they can do it too!

Blog posting, in general, is out of my comfort zone, and it takes me forever to write. Yet, I continually try and push myself to do uncomfortable things to keep growing and learning. It's truly an indicator of how much chelation has helped me already, despite how far I still have to go. I hope this serves as encouragement to those who are at the beginning of their chelation journey. Two years ago, I was not capable of starting a business or even considering the benefits of pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Please share with us if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to address in a future blog post. If you're a Veteran, we'd be honored to offer you a discount to thank you for your service and sacrifice. Please contact us directly so we can assist with that.

- Sara

(Photo is a drawing of our family by my husband and oldest daughter)

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