How I was Poisoned by Mercury

Posted on August 23 2020

How I was Poisoned by Mercury

Like many others, I believe mercury poisoning began in the womb for me. There are likely several exposures to mercury that I am unaware of to this day. Still, I became aware of many after reading Andy Cutler's Amalgam Illness Book. As soon as I started reading that book, I knew it was for me, without a doubt. Many of my mysterious health issues suddenly made sense, and the pieces of the puzzle came together quickly. Before miraculously stumbling upon the Andy Cutler Chelation Group on Facebook, I had been to several doctors attempting to discover why I felt how I did, and why it was so challenging to be alive. I had two small children and was struggling to be the mother and wife I desired to be.
I quickly found that doctors weren't interested in helping me. The typical response I received from them was an offer for a prescription, or I was told nothing was wrong with me. I attempted to get one doctor to run a full thyroid panel because I was eating well and exercising, yet still gaining weight. Several women in my family have a history of thyroid disorders. However, those reasons weren't enough for the doctor to order the test. She acted disgusted with me and treated me as an inconvenience. I quit going to doctors for help after that.
I've been able to identify several ways in which I was exposed to mercury. I received all the recommended injections as a child, although the total number I received doesn't begin to compare with the number children receive today. My first job at 16 was in a grocery store, and I remember breaking fluorescent tube lights in the dumpster behind the store. I was almost 20 when I received my first amalgam filling. Around this same time, I received a couple more injections so I could travel to South Korea. A few years later, I started seeing a new dentist and trusted him to do what he thought was necessary. He put more amalgam fillings in my mouth, including one while I was pregnant with my first child. My OB/GYN signed off on it approving the procedure, which I only know now because there is a copy of it in my dental records.
It's utterly mind-boggling that healthcare providers approve of amalgam use at all. Approving of its use in a pregnant woman's mouth is another level of wrong. In addition to getting the amalgam fillings, I was also scared into accepting a swine flu injection. I was told I needed it because I was pregnant and at risk. It breaks my heart to think of all the toxins my oldest daughter was exposed to in utero. I feel massive thankfulness that she is here and as healthy as she is. Not too long after these procedures, my pregnancy was no longer free of complications as it had been. I ended up being scheduled for induction because my daughter had stopped growing, and I had a sudden rise in blood pressure. Additionally, I received another typical injection moms often receive in the hospital after giving birth.
The next five years included several more dentist appointments that included more amalgam fillings and the continued polishing of them during cleaning appointments. Some of those amalgams were also drilled on. I still remember the dentist commenting on the silver particles all over my mouth and asking the dental assistant to rinse them out. I still had no idea at this point that I should be concerned. Looking back, I believe this dentist took financial advantage of me and did unnecessary work. I did not have the knowledge to know any better and blindly trusted him.
Despite the massive amount of exposure, my health decline was gradual. I believe the final tipping point for my health was the light bulbs we broke in our home and cleaned up incorrectly. We did everything wrong, including continuing to use the vacuum we cleaned the mess up with for several years. It was around this time that life started to become exceedingly difficult and unbearable at times, which is why I started going to the doctor to seek help. To this day, I feel robbed of my daughters' younger years and grieve the loss of what should have been a more joyful time in my life. However, I try to focus on being thankful to have the opportunity to get better as I've been fortunate enough to find and implement the ACC Protocol. Not everyone has that opportunity.
In my next blog post, I'll share details about my symptoms and the personal progress I've made following the ACC Protocol.

- Sara

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