How Andy Cutler Chelation Has Changed My Life So Far

Posted on October 12 2020

How Andy Cutler Chelation Has Changed My Life So Far

I remember when I first learned about Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) and was desperate to read the stories of those getting better. Though the protocol explained so many of my health issues and made sense of them, it seemed too good to be true that a single protocol could help with so many different symptoms. I was consumed with searching for all the information I could find, and I had to re-read it a lot because my memory was awful. It's still not as great as I hope for. 

At the beginning of my journey, I tried using DMPS during my 90-day wait to start Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) after having my amalgams removed. Unfortunately, I developed an allergic reaction during my 6th round. I wasn't entirely sure what was happening, so I tried a 7th round, and the same symptoms showed up, and I had to stop. Many people report DMPS being very helpful for them, and I had read that many felt good when taking it, so I was disappointed that I ended up reacting to it. 

Now, at the milestone of completing 100 rounds of ALA, I am somewhat disappointed with only being at 9.25mg. Sometimes I struggle with thoughts of having a speck because I've had trouble raising my dose. However, I quickly remind myself that there are consequences to improperly chelating for nearly a year and remind myself of all the progress I've made. I improperly chelated in the beginning by splitting low dose ALA capsules resulting in uneven doses. I also remind myself that I correctly completed all the steps recommended in The Mercury Detoxification Manual and Andy Cutler Chelation Facebook group. 

Before I started chelating, I took note of my symptoms so I'd be able to evaluate my progress better. Below I'm sharing where I'm at in my journey at the end of my 100th round. When I first started ACC, 100 rounds was incomprehensible and almost felt unattainable. Chelating is just a part of weekly life now and built into the weekly schedule. My daughters are one round behind me and will be celebrating their 100th round beginning tonight. 

An evaluation of my progress after completing 100 rounds of chelation:

Tinnitus – Improved, but still have it at times. It's sporadic, and I can't seem to pinpoint what causes it to flare up when it does. However, it's not nearly as loud and disruptive as it used to be, and I can tune it out most of the time.

Headaches/head pressure – Huge improvement overall. However, they do pop back up at times on occasion. I used to get headaches almost daily before amalgam removal. 

Anxiety – Improved significantly but not gone entirely. Social anxiety can still be a struggle for me sometimes, but I don't notice it a lot of the time because it's so much less intense. I also don't overanalyze interactions and ruminate on them anymore, which drove me crazy and was all-consuming at times. I am becoming my authentic self and don't find myself overly concerned with what people think of me like I used to. I am more confident in who I am and what's important to me, and why. 

Depression – I still go through periods of depression, but they are less frequent and don't last as long. I can often attribute this to being a redistribution symptom or letting myself get too stressed or overdoing it in general. 

Passive suicidal ideation – Gone. Even at my worst, while wishing I would die, I still knew I had so much to live for, making it all the more upsetting when I was experiencing this. I'm so thankful this is no longer an issue I'm dealing with.

Self-loathing/self-critical/feelings of unworthiness – Better, but still a struggle at times. It tends to flare up most often when I come off round, and redistribution hits me hard, or if I'm dealing with high levels of stress. It also seems to coincide with depression symptoms. The other significant issue connected to this is my battle with losing weight. I prioritize my health and get frustrated that all my effort does not result in weight loss, sometimes getting me down and bringing up these types of feelings. 

Insomnia – So much better! I often would be awake until 3 am regularly, and now I'm falling asleep around 12:30-1 am. 

Memory problems/forgetfulness/brain fog – Greatly improved, with progress still to be made. I have a lot on my plate and can manage it most days without relying on a list to remember what I need to get done. I can also see a number and remember it, which was nearly impossible before. I also don't need to use a check-off sheet for chelation doses anymore, and there are three of us in my family chelating. When I first started, I would take a dose, and 15 seconds later, I couldn't remember if I had taken it or not.

Anger/irritability – Greatly improved. I am much more level and relaxed, and I can handle life's frustrations much better. Anger used to overtake me, and I'd go to be by myself until it would pass. At the height of mercury poisoning, I can remember going into the bathroom alone and throwing my keys into the bathtub over and over. I felt a lot of shame over these behaviors, yet thankful that my kids didn't witness my significant outbursts. It was a huge blessing for me when I finally learned that I was poisoned, and there was a reason I was struggling so much. 

Hormonal imbalances – As of recently, I've seen some significant gains in this area. For roughly the last six years, my period was 14-17 days late every month, and in the previous five months, it's on time and back to normal. 

Thyroid/endocrine/metabolic issues – This is hard to gauge and a complicated subject; however, I've had some measurable improvement. I used to be cold all the time, and now I'm not. When I was born, I was kept in the hospital because I couldn't maintain my body temperature. It's been quite common throughout my life to be cold when others felt comfortable or warm and vice versa; this is not the case anymore. I'm working out regularly doing intense workouts that include weights, HIIT, and Tabata, so I see that as evidence that my adrenals have experienced some healing. I have to limit my workouts to 3-4 days a week or experience a bit of a crash. I'm happy to be able to maintain the 3-4 days as there have been several times I've had to stop entirely. I also sweat noticeably more now when I exercise. 

Heart palpitations – Gone.

Sensitive to light and noise – Improved. At least 50% better for both. It is probably a little more for noise as I seem to be able to handle more and different noises at once much better than before. I used to get very overstimulated quite easily.

Excessive salivation – Gone for roughly a year now. There were nights that I woke up sick to my stomach because of excessive salivation and swallowing so much saliva. When it would happen, it was like a faucet got turned on in my mouth, and I'd be up the rest of the night because of it. 

Difficulty concentrating and paying attention – Improved. I've seen significant improvement, considering I've been able to do all the things necessary to start a business; it has had and continues to have its unique challenges. Evidence of my improvement is seen in my ability to research and implement various steps to start a business, write a complete business plan, and spend months researching and contacting supplement manufacturers. Two years ago, I was not capable and couldn't have done it. 

Eating disorder – Gone. The nature of this one is very personal, and I'm not comfortable sharing specific details. I occasionally run into eating pattern issues; however, it's 90% better than it was. The main problem that was the worst is 100% gone. 

Addiction – Gone. This one is also really personal, and I'm not comfortable sharing specific details. It has been a work in progress over the years, and it suddenly became almost effortless to stop entirely with zero relapses. I believe chelation was a considerable contributor to my success and that the addiction was a temporary coping mechanism.

 A few random notes and some things I've learned:

* I've started dreaming again and can remember the dreams or parts of them, at least; this hasn't happened in several years. 

* I had a bump on my scalp that bothered me enough that I went to the doctor about it at one point, and they said it was nothing to be concerned about. I've done nothing for it, and it's now almost gone, and I can barely find it.

* I have had a red rash-type patch on my chest since around the time my first daughter was born. It's not an actual rash that can be felt on the skin; it's more like blotchiness under the skin. I'm very curious to see if this will eventually go away.

* Permit yourself to do what works for you. I understand not everyone has complete freedom when it comes to this, as we all have responsibilities, commitments, jobs, etc. However, doing your best to rest when you need to, say no to things, take a nap, lower your dose, or take a break, will benefit you and your overall journey. Chelation is not a race. 

* Splitting capsules of low doses of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a no-go in my book. I would never do it again. I won't split capsules at all anymore after my experience. 

Finding the Andy Cutler Chelation group on Facebook and ordering Amalgam Illness is one of the hugest blessings in my life. I am eternally grateful for Andy Cutler and those continuing his work and dedicating time to helping others get well. I hope to help and give back to the ACC community as much as it's given and helped me. 

- Sara

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