Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Posted on February 21 2021

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

My family takes a variety of supplements, which tends to be the case for most following the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol. One of my biggest concerns regarding supplements is quality. I want to be confident my family is taking safe products, especially since we're not talking about taking just one or two supplements once a day. When supporting our bodies through chelation, the number of supplements needed varies significantly from person to person, but we're typically taking quite a few - or sometimes a ton. We all want to get the best quality supplements we can for the best possible price because, let's be real, the costs start to add up, especially when several people in a household are chelating or taking supplements for support before beginning chelation.

My search for a supplement manufacturer in the first months of creating Vital Supplements was a massive eye-opener into the supplement industry and how it operates. There were some very concerning realizations along the way. I did not anticipate that it would take so much effort to find a trustworthy manufacturer. In my search, I quickly learned how inconsistent supplement manufacturers can be and how greatly they vary in their practices and protocols. I spent over six months contacting and researching manufacturers based in the United States. In doing so, I learned that several of them could not ensure product quality and efficacy at the level I wanted because they do not complete testing on their raw materials or final products. If they did do testing, many were vague with how they do so, which made me uncomfortable. From a business standpoint, it was of the utmost importance that I not waste money on an inferior product. However, more importantly, my conscience would not allow me to offer a product that I had any concerns about, nor could I be okay with taking it myself or giving it to my children.

Once I made it clear that I had certain expectations and standards I was unwilling to negotiate, many e-mails and phone calls were not returned. Additionally, I ran into manufacturers who weren't willing to provide written product quotes and had a stereotypical used-car salesman's attitude. It wasn't very encouraging at times, but I finally found a manufacturer that operated differently. All the time and effort it took to find our manufacturer was worth it. They are a leader in the industry regarding product testing and transparency, with products undergoing no less than ten different testing and validation steps that ensure a quality, consistent, and trustworthy final product. Some examples of their testing requirements include putting all raw materials in quarantine upon arrival and testing them before being released to production. Additionally, third-party testing is completed on all finished products. To learn more about how our ALA is manufactured and why you can trust you're getting a top-notch consistent product every time you order from us, read about the entire manufacturing process here.  

If you find yourself weighing whether you should buy the cheapest bottle of a particular supplement versus the more expensive third-party tested choice, please remember that there's a reason adequately tested and verified supplement costs more. Based on my experience, I believe it's worth the extra money to know you're getting a pure and potent product. The cheapest product might be a good choice for your bank account but not the best for your health. The last thing I want for any of us is to add to the toxic burden our bodies are already fighting.

- Sara

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