March 24, 2022

If you're interested in purchasing expired ALA at a discounted price, please contact us at


March 3, 2022

After almost two years of running Vital Supplements, it's hard to believe the time has come to close it up. While there's some sadness with closing something I have poured so much into, I look back, amazed that I accomplished it in the first place. I don't know what's next, but I have faith that everything I learned from starting and growing Vital Supplements will be of value in whatever it is.

I want to thank each of you for the love and support you've shown my family by choosing to trust us to provide you with ALA. I'm grateful for every one of you who placed orders, sent messages, left reviews, and showed us love on social media. Starting and growing a business, especially in this niche market, is difficult, and the love and support I received from many of you is something I will never forget.

Be blessed, stay strong, and keep knocking out those chelation rounds! If you need to reach out for any reason, you can e-mail me at


February 27, 2022

There’s not much time left to place your last order with us and get ALA at the lowest prices ever! Get your order in tomorrow before midnight, and share with others doing chelation so they don’t miss out!


February 21, 2022

We are open for one more week! Don’t miss out on the best ALA sale ever!

Use discount code BOGO2022 or CASESALE2022 for maximum savings. You can find more information on our sale below, on our Instagram or Facebook page, on the annoucements page of our website, or the e-mail we sent if you're an email subscriber. 


January 21, 2022

Our store closing sale is live! We're excited to have this last opportunity to sell the remainder of our inventory at the lowest prices ever!
- Use code BOGO2022 for buy one get one free. Any combination of ALA dosages is allowed, so the free bottle does not have to be the same as the one you purchase. This code can be used for multiple bottles, but if you're buying 12 or more, you'll want to use the code below for additional savings.
- Use code CASESALE2022 to get 12 or more bottles of ALA at the maximum discount. This sale is a perfect fit for customers who want to stock up or have a variety of dosages available at home.
We understand that there can be some hesitancy in purchasing a product that's expiration date is soon arriving, and that's why we're offering these extremely low prices until we close. We encourage you to research online and in the Andy Cutler Chelation Facebook Group if you're looking for information on expired ALA or how to extend the life of ALA. We assure you that our ALA products are sealed and boxed as they came to us from our manufacturer. We're confident in the quality of our products and the manufacturing process they went through, and we've taken great care in how our products have been stored and handled. We hope that this sale allows many to stock up for their chelation needs or potential future supply chain issues.


January 15, 2022


October 29, 2021

It is with many emotions that I share that we've decided to close Vital Supplements in 2022. We do not have an exact closing date yet.

I was very excited to start this business and make low-dose ALA available to our fellow ACC followers. I knew that having the ability to get ALA more quickly would be a game-changer for me, and I was excited to make that a reality for others as well. I poured a lot of time and energy into learning about the supplement industry and how to start a business. My goals in starting Vital Supplements were many; my main goals included a desire to serve the ACC community, make low doses of ALA more accessible, teach my kids about entrepreneurship, and contribute financially to my household. Sadly, I was not as successful in those things as I thought I would be. However, I'm thankful for the lessons and the knowledge I've gained along the way.

I have a new goal now: to minimize the negative financial impact of Vital Supplements on my family. I chose to take on a chunk of debt to start Vital Supplements, and I'm uncomfortably far from being near able to pay it off. So I humbly come to you, asking for help. If you've already bought ALA from us, thank you, we would appreciate your continued support until we close. We'd also appreciate it if you shared with others to help us increase our sales. If you do not currently purchase ALA from us and need it, we'd be grateful if you'd consider buying from us during this time.

Our inventory was manufactured in February 2020, and our product bottles have an expiration date of February 2022. The FDA does not require the use of expiration dates on supplements, but our manufacturer does. The standard is two years from the date of manufacture. However, expiration dates on dietary supplements are incredibly conservative to ensure consumers receive quality products.

Factors that contribute to supplements losing potency can include extreme temperatures, exposure to light, and exposure to oxygen. All of our supplements remain sealed and unopened in a climate-controlled environment. There is an abundance of research available online and in the Andy Cutler Chelation Facebook group regarding expiration dates. Had I known better, I would have had the manufacturing date printed on the bottle instead of the expiration date, but I didn't know to ask. It was one of many things I learned on this journey.

We are thankful for those of you who have supported us and become regular customers; we'll never forget you. It is a joy to serve you, and we look forward to serving you over the following months until we close up our store.


June 27, 2021


June 18, 2021

New products are now available on our website! We love how these magnets look on our refrigerator and their message. Save $1 when you buy 2! (No code needed)


March 27, 2021

Supplement Facts Vital Supplements ALA

We’ve received a couple of inquiries about the disclaimer on our bottle. We understand the concerns our customers have about cross-contamination, and we want to assure you that quality is our top concern at Vital Supplements. We take our own products and want the best quality for us and you. It’s the reason why it took us over six months to select a trustworthy manufacturer.

Our bottle’s disclaimer is a standard disclaimer many supplement companies must have on their label for liability reasons. Our manufacturer produces a wide variety of products in their facility; therefore, we are required to have this disclaimer. Our manufacturer has stringent operational protocols to prevent cross-contamination with common allergens or any other unwanted ingredient or contaminant. Cross-contamination is prevented via cGMP in-process controls of raw material handling and manufacturing equipment and suite cleaning procedures, including vacuum rooms that do not allow outside materials to enter the room. Vital Supplements products do not contain GMOs, artificial flavors, dairy, preservatives, gluten, soy, or other common allergens.

"A drug company may tell you that they won't guarantee their product to be gluten-free due to the potential of cross-contamination in their manufacturing plant. Although this is a possibility, it would be extremely unlikely to occur due to the level of air quality control the manufacturing plants must have in place for the FDA to allow drugs to be manufactured in their facility." - Celiac Disease Foundation


March 2, 2021

Double giveaway this month!! 🎉

Hair Test Interpretation Book:

Every order placed in March will earn an entry into this giveaway. (Value $95)

Mercury Detoxification Manual:

Entries into this giveaway are available through Facebook and Instagram. (Value $40)

Like = 1 entry

Comment = 1 entry

(Maybe share how winning the book would be helpful or what you’d do with the book if you win.)

Share = 3 entries

We will cover the cost to ship the books to the winners. However, there are some countries we do not ship to. Please check our international shipping FAQ on our website for more details. Winners will be randomly selected and notified no later than April 5th.

January 13, 2021

US shipping is back to normal, and orders are arriving in 2-5 business days, depending on location.

Due to air network capacity, international shipping is more unpredictable and inconsistent. However, orders sent with expedited international shipping have been arriving at their destinations on time. Our last expedited order to Europe arrived in 5 business days.

Standard international shipping is running smoothly for the most part, and orders are arriving on time in some cases and delayed in others. The average delay for orders not arriving on time ranges from 1 to 7 business days depending on destination, with the exception of orders sent to Australia. Unfortunately, Australia is experiencing lengthy delays.


December 19, 2020

USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases this holiday season and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19, leading to domestic and international shipping delays. We’ve been monitoring shipping and want customers to be aware that most US orders placed on or after 12/10 are delayed. While standard US delivery typically takes 3-5 days, the delay is adding 1-5 additional days to delivery at this time.

If you’re outside of the US and want to receive your order quicker, we encourage you to use our expedited international shipping option. Expedited shipping is not experiencing the same length of delays as standard shipping. Please keep in mind that circumstances may vary depending on where you live. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us so we can help.


October 24, 2020


October 7, 2020

I started my 100th round of chelation last night! To celebrate this significant milestone in my journey, I want to give away a copy of The Mercury Detoxification Manual. If you don't have a copy, this is an excellent opportunity to try and get one at no cost, and if you already have a copy, it's great to have an extra to give away or use to loan out to others. I've never regretted having additional copies of this incredible book!

Go to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information and to enter the giveaway! You can find direct links to both pages at the top left corner of our web page.


September 8, 2020

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We’re thrilled to share that international shipping is officially back up! We’ve teamed up with a fantastic company to offer reliable and affordable international shipping options. We spent just over a month researching all of the options that work with our platform and had several phone meetings, and we’re very confident in our logistics partner choice. They have been fantastic to work with and have exceeded our expectations.

You will notice some changes and updates on our website; we’ve revised our shipping and returns policy and added an international shipping FAQ page. Check out these pages on our website to learn about our new international shipping process, and if you have any unanswered questions, please contact us so we can help.

August 25, 2020
We're working on growing our Facebook following to share announcements there and continue to do giveaways. We're currently running the giveaway shown below, and we'll have another giveaway coming up in 6-8 weeks. Thank you to our supporters! We appreciate you!


August 18, 2020

Shipping update: We have noticed US orders are being estimated to take 4-5 days to arrive at their destinations, however actual delivery is averaging four days. No shipments have taken five days to reach their US destinations thus far.

We are still working hard to find the best solution possible for international shipping and anticipate having it back up and running soon. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective and reliable shipping options, without any surprise fees, no matter where you're located.  

Our first shipment to Canada didn't go as expected, and we learned some valuable lessons, which is why we're revamping our options and policies. We made the mistake of splitting this particular customer's order into two shipments, in an attempt to help them and meet their needs, but doing so was a poor decision on our end. So, we will not split orders in the future. If you want your order to come in two shipments, please place two separate orders.

This particular order to Canada was shipped using UPS because the pricing showed up as cheaper than USPS and offered tracking, but we were all surprised by additional fees to get the boxes through customs. We weren't aware that UPS charges high brokerage fees for international ground shipping, so it was a massive lesson learned. In the end, the customer received both shipments in a week or less, and we covered the additional costs and provided a partial refund for the inconvenience the customer experienced. We desire to be transparent and provide the highest level of service we can, which is why we chose to share this with you. We're very much looking forward to opening international shipping back up and serving all of our customers. Thank you for your patience while we work through all the details. 

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