General FAQ

Where are you located?
Our office is located in beautiful North Idaho. Our products are manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is ALA?
Alpha Lipoic Acid is a well-known antioxidant that plays a critical role in the ACC Protocol. 

What is ACC?
ACC is Andy Cutler Chelation. We are extremely grateful for Andy Cutler and those who are dedicated to continuing his work. To learn more about the ACC Protocol and view available resources, we recommend starting with these: Andy Cutler Chelation, No Amalgam/Order books, and ACC Protocol Success Stories

What is chelation?
Chelation is the process of removing certain heavy metals from the body. There are safe ways and harmful ways to do this. It's very important to educate yourself before you begin chelation.

Why is it recommended to have amalgam fillings removed before taking our products?
ALA taken with amalgam fillings in = improper chelation. Amalgam fillings need to be safely removed before beginning chelation, so the source of mercury exposure is eliminated. It is important to wait 90 days after amalgam removal before starting chelation with ALA. To start your search for a qualified dentist visit here.

Why is there a disclaimer on your bottle that says "produced in a facility that also uses milk, soy, peanut, tree nut, wheat, egg, fish, and shellfish ingredients?"
Our bottle's disclaimer is a standard disclaimer many supplement companies must have on their label for liability reasons. Our manufacturer produces a wide variety of products in their facility; therefore, we are required to have this disclaimer. Our manufacturer has stringent operational protocols to prevent cross-contamination with common allergens or any other unwanted ingredient or contaminant. Cross-contamination is prevented via cGMP in-process controls of raw material handling and manufacturing equipment and suite cleaning procedures, including vacuum rooms that do not allow outside materials to enter the room. Vital Supplements products do not contain GMOs, artificial flavors dairy, preservatives, gluten, soy, or other common allergens. 

You can read more on cross-contamination in manufacturing by the Celiac Disease Foundation here

How does Vital Supplements ensure capsule consistency?
It is vitally important that each capsule contains the amount of ALA that it is supposed to. Our formulation is blended to a homogenous mixture, then encapsulated to a specific fill weight. The process is monitored by the encapsulation operator and quality control to ensure the correct amount of blended material is in each capsule.
A homogenous mixture is a solid, liquid, or gaseous mixture with the same proportions of its components throughout any given sample. 

Can your products help me with…? How long do I have to take…? Is it okay to take….?
It's best to look to the experts for answers to those questions. We highly encourage you to read The Mercury Detox Manual by Rebecca Rust Lee and Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE. This book provides the information you need to chelate successfully. If you are on Facebook, we suggest joining the group called Andy Cutler Chelation: Safe Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox. This group contains a wealth of information on several topics. 

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